Welcome to the Futura Frames philosophy.

We’re serious about manufacturing and are determined to be the best, the biggest and the brightest. That means we’ll do whatever it takes to produce fantastic quality products efficiently and responsibly.

We’ve invested in some of the most advanced machinery available to deliver precision and consistency. We’ve brought our glazing-unit production in-house to control quality and increase flexibility. We’ve worked towards advanced quality standards and achieved them.

It’s an attitude thing with us and it runs right through our team, from shop-floor to management. We’re always looking for the next little improvement and, when we find it, we implement it.

We’re good, but we’ll never be complacent because there’s always more that can be done.

Our manufacturing promises:

  • Highly accredited components in everything we fabricate
  • Compliant, efficient and certified products, making your job easier
  • The highest standards of security in every product
  • Excellent quality, every single time
  • Choice, support and service.