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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions on what window types or glazing is best? Have a look at our most asked questions answered below. 

How to order Futura Frames products?

Futura Frames operates a supply and trade only business model, partnering with creditable installers to provide a seamless service from quote to install. We supply to all 32 counties, wherever you are in Ireland there is an experienced Futura Frames Trade Partner in your area.

If you wish to get a quote for our window and door systems, please contact one of our accredited trade installers locally to you.

Who are the installers in your area?

Simply get in touch using the contact form with your location and required products. We will get back to you with installer details in your area.

Trade Account

Alternatively, if you would like to open a trade account, get in touch with *Trade account enquiry* in the subject line.

What is uPVC material?

uPVC also known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, is a form of plastic material. 

What is the difference between double glazed windows and triple glazed?

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass, while triple glazing has three panes. 

What styles of windows (uPVC profiles) are there?

• Ovolo / Sculptured.
• Chamfered / Bevelled.
• Flush

What is the difference between Ovolo and Chamfered window frames?

When we talk about Ovolo and Chamfered styles we are referring to the aesthetics of the outside of the window frame. Ovolo has a more sculpted framing with round edges creating a curved shape and Chamfered style has a straighter frame creating a sleek and neat appearance with flat edges.

What are flush windows?

Flush casement windows are a timeless choice. These sleek window lines fit flush into the window frame. When closed the window sash is level with the outer frame creating a smooth finish. 

What is a sash window?

The sash is the frame of the window which contains the glass and moves.

What is a dummy sash window?

Dummy sashes also known as a fake sash. They cannot be opened and are for decorative purposes rather than a functional one. They are fitted to imitate the look of standard windows which can be opened or closed.

What does U Value mean?

U-Value tells you how much heat stays in a room, it measures the heat retention through a window and door. The lower the U-value, the better, as this means less heat is passing through your window and the more heat that is retained inside.

What is a sash horn?

Sash horns replicate the traditional joinery techniques used in the creation of traditional timber sashes. They are more decorative in today’s modern designs, they stick out in a downward direction.

What is a Run-through sash horn?

Run-through sash horns are incorporated into the structure of the window, unlike previous sash horns which were stuck on.

What is a Georgian bar?

Georgian bars fit inside the windows sealed units. This is done prior to the unit being gassed or sealed. 

What is an astragal bar?

Astragal bars are fitted to the external and internal part of a glass, thus giving of separate panes of glass.

What is a Gasket?

The gasket is the seal around the opening on the windows and doors. Its objective is to reduce air, wind and water infiltration. 

What does co-extruded gaskets mean?

Co-extruded gasket means the frame and the gasket have been fused together during the manufacturing process.

What is a pile seal?

Is a seal on the bottom of a door whose main objective is to reduce air wind and water infiltration

What is a trickle vent?

Is a small opening in a window that allows a small amount of air to filter through a room without opening a window completely.

What is a foil colour?

A foil is like a laminate finish, it replicates a colour and usually the finish.

What is shootbolt locking

A shootbolt is a window locking mechanism that extends outwards from the top and bottom and can be held tight to the frame.

What is a threshold?

These are located at the bottom of the doorway and are slightly raised to prevent water from entering. It should provide weatherproofing and be energy efficient.

What is an aluminium threshold?

Aluminium thresholds are a low threshold and are normally used where wheelchair accessible/ low step is required on doors.

What is toughened glass?

Also known as tempered glass is a lot stronger than regular glass. The manufacturing process involves heating regular glass at high temperatures and then cooling very quickly. This process is what makes the glass tougher and more resistant to heat and shock.

What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass has a plastic interlayer in between two panes of thick glass providing an extra layer of strength.

What is gas fill?

Is a method where a low-conductivity inert gas, such as Argon, is used instead of air in window cavities in order to reduce heat transmission through the window. They’re designed to regulate temperatures better.

What is a spacer bar?

A spacer bar is the bar that separates glass panes in a window which creates an airtight cavity. 

What is a mullion?

Is a vertical beam that divides a window into smaller glass panes.

What is a transom?

Is a horizontal beam that divides a window into smaller glass panes. 

What is an edge sealant?

This is used along with the spacer bar to create an airtight cavity in the glass unit.

How often should I clean by windows?

It is advised to clean and maintain your windows twice a year.

What is Low-E?

Low-E glass is a standard glass with a special coating on its surface, the coating is transparent and reflects heat better than the glass itself. 

Do I need windows with Low-E glass?

Low-E glass will be required to achieve an “A” Rated window. 

What is acoustic glass?

Acoustic glass is a special type of glass that reduces the level of noise considerably. Acoustic glass is constructed with two panes of glass bonded by a PVB interlayer to absorb sound and vibration.

Does all glass have an acoustic ability?

Yes, all glass has some acoustic ability. Even a 4mm single glazed window reduces noise by about 25 decibels. 

Choosing the correct acoustic glass?

When choosing the right glass type you will want to ensure that you get the right advice from experienced personnel. The type and configuration of glass you will require will depend on the type of noise that you are trying to eliminate. 

  • High frequency noise – a passing motorbike
  • Low-frequency noise – railway noise or road traffic



Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland. The national body promotes Ireland’s future in newer, cleaner and more sustainable energy. 


Building Energy Rating. This is a measure of the overall energy efficiency of a building and is classed from A1 to G.  A BER assessor registered with the SEAI will calculate the rating of your home. You will need a BER certificate if you are selling or renting your house in Ireland. 



British Fenestration Registration Council. The BFRC independently provide individual ratings for windows and doors.