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Futura Frames supplies a wide range of energy-efficient glazing options to suit any residential and commercial building type. Double glazing is standard on all our windows.

All our windows and doors meet local building regulations, so you can always rely on us for quality.

Triple Glazing

We offer two aesthetically pleasing triple glazing beads, one chamfered and one Ovolo. The beads are stocked in standard finishes and they are also available in a choice of Renolit foil colours. Triple glazing is effective in buildings with large expanses of glass, colder environments and exposed sites. 

Many variations of glass coatings, spacer bars, edge sealants and gas fills can be used to provide bespoke options to balance cost and performance. For example, triple glazed units, argon filled can deliver 0.8W/(m2K) whole window U-values.

Glazing widths include 28mm and 36mm for the slimline Elite 63 and 28mm, 40mm and 44mm for Elite 70 profile.

When the chamfered triple glazed bead (B55) is used in the Elite 63 profile it gives a unit width of 36mm and when used in the Elite 70 profile the unit width is 40mm

The ovolo triple glazed bead (B66) can only be used in the Elite 70 profile it is most commonly used to achieve an overall u-value of 0.8 W/m2k. The Elite 70 44mm option provides two 16mm cavities for optimum performance using Argon fill (and not expensive Krypton fill). Making the Spectus solution possibly the most cost effective on the market.

Designed to reduce transparency choose from 14 different options: