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Tilt & Turn

The innovative Tilt & Turn windows are unique in that they function in multiple ways. This smartly designed window is boasting with convenience features; its inward opening design allows you to tilt in normal usage but open fully when required.

uPVC window in white


Frame Type

Choice of ovolo or bevelled frames.


Choice of 28mm, 36 mm, 44mm glazing


Georgian bars and sash horns


Contact us with your window specifications and we will calculate the U-Value. 


Low maintenance uPVC material

The Perfect and practical window

uPVC Tilt and Turn Window

The tilt and turn window offers unrestricted inward opening with the handle in one position, while the top of the window tilts inward for ventilation with the handle in the other position.

They too can function as a fire escape windows and are ideal for commercial developments. 

Tilt and turn windows work by the simple turning of a single handle. There are three different positions for the handle, each of which allows unique functionality.

Closed position

When the handle is pointed downwards, the window is securely shut.

90 degrees

When the handle is turned by 90 degrees into the horizontal position, the window functions a lot like a normal door. In this position, the locking pins are unlocked and the window vent turns open, held by hinges on one side of the window. There is one hinge on the upper corner and one on the lower corner, just like you would see it on a regular door.

180 degrees

Turn the handle 180 degrees, pointing upwards, the window starts operating differently. The hinge in the upper corner is disconnected. At the same time, a hinge in the other bottom corner of the vent is connected to the vent. The window suddenly tilts inwards, held by the hinges in the bottom corners.